An Innovative Approach to Route Planning: Get to Know Repmove

An integral element of modern trade is a holistic perception of the diversity of sales and trade, maximum consideration of terrain features, movements and routes in constructing a sales algorithm. Such an important task can be accomplished with the latest RepMove application – an unusual platform for planning trade routes, optimizing the sales system and building the most efficient system for transporting sales representatives.

The unshakable advantages of RepMove are a multifaceted approach to the trading process and the ability to see the holistic system of actions of sales representatives. With this technology, you can achieve maximum profits in your activities and occupy leading places in the leaderboard of trading community.

The app’s possibilities are endless

The RepMove application gives options on how to build an individual and most effective route, organize many sales representatives, import and export the necessary information from various databases. The main functionality is sales route planner excel – the creation of an individual route map for a sales representative, which assumes a holistic vision of his activities, allows you to take into account all possible influences that affect the speed of movement of the employee and can reduce the productivity of his work. The use of geolocation systems and constantly updated maps will provide interactive control over the activities of the sales representative and improve his work!

Improve your trading immediately

It is great that you is able to combine many accounts of sales agents into one holistic algorithm that functions in an online variant and in real time – they receive information, routes, mark their realization and their movement. Both sales representatives and delivery workers will see joint actions and make comments in order to maximize trade improvement.

The application works in an online format making it possible to make adjustments to the movements of workers and change routes as necessary. All information about RepMove is presented at , where everything is presented simply and accessible, and the support service will always provide the necessary assistance.

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