Care after breast augmentation surgery

Bandages and dressings are usually removed during the 2nd or 3rd day after surgery. After that, you can take a shower or take a bath as usual.

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The nursing staff will provide you with information. about proper self care including breast massage This should be done twice a day or as recommended by the surgeon. You may be able to resume normal activities, such as exercise and other physical activities, within 1 or 2 months after surgery once your soreness has subsided.

Those who choose to use a silicone prosthesis You should get a mammogram every year. to make sure there is no silicone leak Because silicone is more difficult to leak than saline artificial breasts. This will break and leak easily and faster if there is a leak or breakage of the artificial breast. Should undergo surgery to remove or replace the breast prosthesis.

Risks and Complications

Since 2000, statistics show that among the recipients of silicone or saline breast implants, Only a small number of patients experience complications. by complications The most common condition is capsular contracture if the capsule or shell around the breast implant becomes tight and thick. It makes the breasts feel hard and unnatural. It can protect by self-massage of the breast regularly as recommended by the surgeon But if a problem arises, it can be solved in several ways. Sometimes the capsule needs to be removed or it may need to be replaced. However, this complication is uncommon and extremely rare. If you follow your surgeon’s instructions

If the breast is infected with a blood draw or has deflated The prosthesis must be removed immediately. You will have to wait several months before repeating the surgery.

Although there is usually only a small amount of bleeding during surgery. But there is a possibility that Continued bleeding after surgery can result in blood clots that need to be removed. This complication is uncommon. And it is recommended that the patient stay in Phuket for approximately 2 weeks so that the surgeon can follow up after the surgery. Infection is also a complication. unusual and difficult to occur as well But it’s generally possible that the surgeon will prescribe antibiotics before surgery to minimize the possibility. where the infection will occur and a certified surgeon and that has Our reputation will take these steps to mitigate this risk. After doing this procedure Breast cancer detection can be more difficult.


Breast augmentation will increase breast size. which can add value comments and self-confidence The procedure will give patients a better shape and help to balance the body. Many women, including those who may have had breast cancer surgery. through childbirth or lose weight will notice a dramatic improvement and scars will gradually fade

In 2000, both silicone breast implants And the saline were approved by the US Public Health Agency. and breast implants made by Inamed and Mentor, two marketers. leading breast implants It is considered safe and effective for continued use.

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