Do You Need A Lawyer For Social Security Disability?

While it is not legally mandatory for people to hire a social security attorney to apply for the benefits, it is highly recommended to do so. A lawyer can be helpful in many ways, from explaining the process to you in detail to ensuring that you fill the forms correctly and submit them before the deadline and gathering the right medical records to support your claim. 

If you believe you deserve social security disability benefits and have the right documents, and the administration still rejects your application, an attorney can guide you through the appeals process. Having a Fayetteville social security disability attorney by your side not only increases your chances of winning but gives you confidence. 

Reasons you need a lawyer for social security disability?

  • To ensure whether you are eligible to apply. 

One of the first steps to getting social security benefits is determining whether you can apply. The SSA has pretty strict standards. You must be suffering from an illness or injury severe enough to stop you from going to work and earning a sufficient amount of income. An attorney can review your situation and tell you whether your condition and income qualify for social security benefits. 

  • The SSA says that more than half of the applications are denied and not filed by an attorney. 

According to a report, the SSA has said that more than half of the applicants who apply for social security disability benefits without the help of an attorney go home empty-handed. This is because the application process is so complex that most applicants cannot understand the steps properly and take the wrong route. 

Some may fill out the forms incorrectly or forget about an important deadline. The SSA is also very strict regarding the deadlines for their form submissions. You do not have to worry about the paperwork when you hire an attorney. 

  • Your attorney can help you with the appeals process. 

If you have already filed an application for social security disability benefits and were rejected, you may be confused about what step to take now. However, if you believe you have the right evidence and your condition qualifies for the benefits, an attorney can greatly help. They can tell you whether you made a mistake during the application process and overlooked it. If the SSA wrongfully denied your application, your attorney can help defend you. 

Seeking an attorney is essential because it will ensure that you have a strong claim throughout the process. 

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