Gilad Krein explains storytelling strategy for online businesses

Why, What, Where, When, and Who. You can easily engage your audience in a meaningful way by using storytelling. Gilad Krein says that you should constantly use the “Five W’s” of your online business. If you don’t, they’ll probably stop paying attention to you.

Not every piece of content must have a narrative. It all depends on using storytelling in the appropriate context, at the appropriate moment, and in the appropriate manner. 

In this post, you’ll discover how to leverage the art of storytelling in your online business to engage and expand your audience. We will also examine how business advisors like Gilad Krein use this strategy to their advantage when advising various companies.

Gilad Krein - Storytelling

What is storytelling strategy according to Gilad Krein?

Sharing information through a contextual narrative is what storytelling strategy entails. It enables you to provide a collection of information and concepts to your audience in an interesting way. 

Gilad Krein says that storys should not always instructs, informs, and educates them. Sometimes it’s just about you might forge deeper relationships with your audience.

Storytelling strategy in business aims to align your brand with your target audience by narrating compelling stories.

Storytelling in business entails utilizing human connection to compel an audience to take the desired action, such as purchasing a good or service.

It can be used in case studies, emails, blogs, promotional videos, tutorials, and social media posts.

You can even alter your audience’s perceptions of your brand when you share a story that resonates with them.

You should never overlook the huge possibilities that storytelling possesses.

Gilad Krein discusses the importance of storytelling in online businesses

Having a product or service that merely resolves a problem is not enough. Gilad Krein says that more often than not, clients’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their emotions. 

You must go the extra mile by using storytelling to connect your business with the right audiences.

These are the importance of storytelling in online businesses

  • Stories captivate your audience 

Although statistics are important, they are far more meaningful when they are based on a narrative. If you were in the audience, would you want to see someone hurl figures and facts at you?

This implies that rather than concrete facts, we’re more prone to recall stories. 

Instead of running the risk of losing their attention when stuck in analytics, a clear innovative story helps keep the audience engaged throughout.

  • It provides competitive advantage

People can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of your business activities. Every organization provides content to its audiences, but this may become a little overwhelming. 

The ability to tell a compelling story is crucial if you want to stand out and build a great brand since decision-making is more emotional than logical.

  • It builds trust and reduces pressure on prospective clients

Hard pushy sales are commonly avoided by consumers. People can simply escape unpleasant confrontations and awkward interactions in today’s world of internet marketing by clicking the “x” on their browser. 

Asking them questions and developing a more personal connection with them are effective ways to spur a customer’s interest.

Gilad Krein’s suggestions on how to use storytelling in marketing

Business advisers n use storytelling in Marketing to their advantage when advising companies by applying the following methods: 

  • Create suspense to keep them wanting more

Gilad Krein says that when connecting and producing content for your clients, you should tell a story that not only captures their attention. But also, spurs their interest. They ought to be left with the question, “What will happen next?”. If they aren’t thinking like that, you’ve lost them to whatever is next in their newsfeed. 

To encourage viewers to visit your website again and learn more, you should employ episodic content or teasers on social media. This engages them emotionally and increases the likelihood that they will remember your message.

  • Encourage the aspirations and desires of your audience

Everybody dreams. Determine what your target audience aspires to do or be, then use that as the basis of your story.

Gilad Krein says that people are empowered and enabled to perform better through great content. While practical material helps them get results, stories demonstrate to your readers that others just like them have attained their goals. 

  • Show Empathy 

The capacity to comprehend and empathize with another person’s experiences is referred to as empathy. Create stories to show your audience that you comprehend their emotions.

  • Tell Your Brand’s Story 

Most people frequently go straight to the “About” page when they want to learn more about a company. 

The About page is the perfect location to showcase your business story if you have one. It gives your brand an actual reputation by stating its purpose and context.

  • Engage

How can you get them to patronize you now that you have their attention? 

There is no better method to demonstrate your ability to provide outcomes when potential customers are investigating your business than with a case study. Case studies can help you achieve business goals.

Examples of effective storytelling

Cornflakes manufacturer 

Once upon a time, a modest but brave advertising firm attempted to come up with a wonderful idea for one of its customers who manufacture cornflakes. A variety of strategies were tested, including “cheaper than competitors”, “eat and lose weight,” and “buy one, get two free.” Clever marketers even included a cute kitten to increase views on adverts. Even though it moved viewers, it didn’t influence their decision-making process, as most of them chose not to purchase the product. 

Then, one astute man suggested: “Why don’t we create an engaging story about our product? So, by arousing feelings and elevating the “happy” hormone level, we’ll convince our customers to buy cornflakes by getting the concept in their heads. Others agreed since they had tried everything else in vain and had nothing to say.

The advertising firm successfully increased cornflakes sales dramatically in a few months. This happened because they used the storytelling approach in their marketing effort. 

Manchester United 

Manchester United aimed to be the first soccer team to design a marketing strategy that was appropriate to the local culture in China. 

It collaborated with Qumin to create a storytelling experience for mobile devices that brought the Red Devil spirit to life. To motivate Chinese football enthusiasts, the “Wake Up The Devil Inside You” story is a collection of videos that combines soccer, manga, and gaming. 

Fans use their football abilities to fight evil extraterrestrial forces and save the earth in this popular Chinese manga-style animation featuring Man U stars.


Your target audience will browse the information on your company’s website and its social media pages. Use the business-related stories on those sites to respond to the following queries: 

How is your business unique? 

How can you be of assistance? 

Why should they buy from you? 

According to Gilad Krein, one of the most important strategic elements of a successful marketing campaign is the ability to create stories. And if you want to quickly develop a profitable business plan and attract many clients, you should utilize this strategy right away. This is how stories become leads and leads become customers.

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