How Can You Seek Justice After a Wrongful Death in the Work Zone? 

Death is an inevitable part of life. However, if the death of a loved one takes place suddenly and unexpectedly, it can be traumatic and hard to deal with. Things could get even worse if someone else’s negligence caused the death. If a loved one has passed away due to someone else’s negligence, speak to an Atlanta wrongful death attorney immediately. 

Who is liable for a work zone accident? 

Work zones can be dangerous, especially if they are on freeways or busy roads. Construction workers have very little defense; if an accident occurs, it can often be fatal. If a wrongful death occurs due to negligence in the work zone, several parties may be held liable. Some of these parties may include: 

  • A reckless driver 

To protect construction workers, drivers must adhere to work zone speed limits. If a driver fails to do so and is driving distractedly or overspeeding and thus causes a fatal accident, they may be held liable for the wrongful death claim. 

  • A third-party worker 

The same company does not necessarily employ all workers working on a construction site. If a third-party worker fails to direct traffic safely or set up safety barricades, thus contributing to wrongful death, they may also be held liable. 

Who can file a Wrongful Death claim? 

The rules differ from state to state, but generally, the following people can file a wrongful death claim: 

  • The decedent’s children 
  • The decedent’s spouse 
  • The decedent’s domestic partner 
  • Any other individual who can prove that they relied on the decedent financially. 

A wrongful death claim compensation may be used to cover the medical and funeral expenses of the deceased individual and their contribution to their household and projected lifetime earnings. Sometimes, the claimants may also be able to seek compensation for non-monetary damages, such as the loss of companionship or guidance.  

Get professional legal help today. 

If your loved one has passed away due to someone else’s negligence, you may be too busy mourning to think about taking any legal action. Understandably, the grieving process takes precedence. However, it is important to remember that there are deadlines to file a claim, and if you do not act fast, you may lose your chance to take any legal action forever. Receiving financial compensation and holding the person at fault liable can help you achieve a sense of closure, so schedule an appointment with an experienced wrongful death attorney as soon as you can. 

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