How Reaching Maximum Medical Improvement May Affect Your Car Accident Claim 

Car accidents can happen at any time to anyone. The process of recovering from car accident injuries can be long and expensive, but what happens if you never fully recover? Understanding Maximum Medical improvement is an essential part of your car accident claim. To know more, click here and talk to a car accident attorney. 

What does Maximum Medical Improvement mean? 

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is the point in your recovery process after which medical treatments will not be able to help you any further. It can either mean that you have recovered fully, or it could mean that you have reached a point in your recovery process after which no more improvement is possible. 

Who can determine whether you have reached MMI? 

The doctor who is treating your injuries is the one who determines whether you have reached MMI or not. However, you can get opinions from other doctors if you believe you have not reached MMI. 

How does Maximum Medical Improvement influence your car accident claim? 

If you have achieved Maximum Medical improvement but have not recovered fully, you may be left with permanent or temporary partial disabilities. It can take months or even years before you reach MMI. You may wish to settle your case before reaching MMI to alleviate your financial stress. However, you should always wait until after reaching Maximum Medical Improvement to settle your claim. If you settle too early, you risk losing out on many benefits you deserve. Some reasons why you should wait until reaching MMI to settle your claim are: 

  • The total value of your claim can not be determined until your medical treatment is finished, and this only happens after you have reached MMI. It is difficult to predict your future medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering damages. This is why you should always wait until reaching MMI before settling your claim. 
  • Another reason not to settle before reaching Maximum Medical Improvement is that once you settle your claim, it is final. Once you have settled, you lose your right to ask the insurance company for more money. Thus, it is better to wait until you reach MMI. 

Get professional legal help today. 

If you have sustained any injuries in a car accident, you are eligible to receive compensation to cover your damages and the necessary medical treatments. Schedule a consultation with an experienced car accident attorney today, and ensure the success of your car accident claim. 

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