How to Prevent Domestic Violence and Protect Your Family

If you do not make the correct decisions, domestic violence can be quite tough to overcome because it is such a grave breach of trust. Making the proper decisions is very challenging when you are the victim of persistent abuse. So, read on to learn more.


You have a few choices for coping with the abuse that you are experiencing. There are no pre-packaged solutions here, so consider your alternatives and choose the one that works most effectively for you and your children in your circumstances. 

First Choice: Dial the Police.

Domestic abuse is illegal, and the perpetrator must face justice. Calling the police will set off a series of events that, based on the seriousness of the abuse, may result in being charged for everything from a minor infraction to a serious felony. Numerous counts of domestic assault in the vicinity of a child may be involved if the abuse occurred in the presence of the children. Charges could be brought for a variety of offenses if the children were directly the victims of physical abuse.

Second Choice: Request a Protective Order.

A protection order ensures you are safe and separate from your abuser. You may report your attacker to the police if they breach the protective order because doing so is against the law.

The protective order has the benefit of being permanent, hopefully keeping your abuser at bay permanently. The unfavorable aspect of an order of protection is that the abuser is still free to commit crimes without being held accountable.

Third Choice: Obtain a Child Protective Order Application

You can request a child protective order if your spouse is a direct physical threat to your children. These are intended to protect kids from being physically or sexually abused.

One of the disadvantages is that child protection orders are only applicable to children and have extremely high requirements (far higher than a conventional protective order). Having said that, they are beneficial while attempting to keep your children safe.

Fourth Choice: Visit a Shelter For Victims of Domestic Abuse.

There are facilities all around the state that can assist victims of domestic violence. They will assist you and your children regardless of your gender.

You can find both food and shelter at these shelters. If you like, they will also assist you in requesting a protective order. They are an excellent source.

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