Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $830 Million

Late this week, the Mega Millions jackpot reached a near record-breaking $830 million after 29 consecutive draws without a matching six-number ticket. The previous record was held by a Tennessee ticket sold on April 15 that claimed $20 million. Last Tuesday, one player matched five numbers but did not match the Mega ball, falling short of the jackpot total of $830 million. While the player’s win was far less than the $830 million jackpot, it is still a significant sum.

Mega Millions jackpot is second-largest in game’s history

The Mega Millions jackpot is the second-largest in the game’s 20-year history. On Oct. 23, a single player in South Carolina won a prize worth $1.537 billion. The most recent jackpot, which was won on April 15 in Tennessee, was worth $20 million. Since then, the jackpot has doubled and is estimated to reach $648.2 million.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Mega Millions jackpot is the second-largest jackpot in game history. A jackpot of this size would be the third-largest in U.S. lottery history. As of Wednesday, more than 4.5 million tickets were sold, and by 3 p.m., the lottery had sold 6 million tickets.

Winner matched four of five white balls and correctly matched the Mega Ball

The jackpot for the Mega game is $1 million. If you match all five white balls and the Mega Ball, you win the jackpot! If you match only two white balls, you will not win anything. While the jackpot is large, the chances of winning the game are low. The prize amounts are usually $200, $10, $4, and $2. Nevertheless, there is still a chance to win a prize!

The winning ticket had a winning digit that matched all five white balls. There were 14,391,740 winning tickets sold for all prize levels. Approximately 375 third-tier tickets had the matching four white balls and Mega Ball. In addition, 68 third-prize tickets bought a Megaplier option, which doubled their winnings. The jackpot was reset to $20 million on August 2nd, and a second-tier winner of the game received a cash option worth $11.6 million.

Prize is paid in cash or annuity

If you are lucky enough to win the Mega game, you will be able to choose between cash or annuity payments. The latter option is more appealing to lottery players who want to avoid spending all of their money right away. However, there are some disadvantages to choosing an annuity, which is why it is important to follow the proper steps when you win. You should also select the cash option to avoid any possible financial hardship later.

Lottery winners have the option to claim a lump-sum payment or an annuity over a period of thirty-nine years. In both cases, winners must validate their tickets within 60 days of the draw. If the prize is greater than $200 million, the cash payment is given to the winner in one lump sum. Alternatively, the winner may choose to receive a lump sum and 29 graduated payments over a period of 29 years. The choice of cash or annuity will depend on your goals, age, and the lottery rules.

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