Top 5 Car tyres manufactured by Maxxis Tyres

Which tyre is best for your car? There are a number of brands offering car tyres for different types of cars based on their body type and utility. However unlimited options sometimes become a reason for indecision. If you are a car owner mulling over replacing your car tyres, you have landed in the right place. 

In this write up you will find the 5 best car tyres by Maxxis, one of Australia’s top-rated tyre brands having a presence across the continent, to advance your driving experience. 

Why Choose Maxxis?

Maxxis makes perfect use of cutting-edge tyre technology and high-quality material to manufacture car tyres that are unparalleled with respect to mileage, performance, safety, and traction. Moreover what makes it the best alternative for car owners is its compatibility with a wide range of car brands and models, be it a crossover, convertible, hatchback, or SUV. With exceptional tread design and passenger car radials (PCR), the Maxxis ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres deliver a high power ride whenever you hit the road.

Let’s have a look at the 5 best car tyres by Maxxis

HP5 Premitra 

Built with silica tread compound technologies, Maxxis HP5 is the top choice for sports and adventure car lovers as it ensures greater safety, handling, and grip. Advanced silica compound and unique bead filler design used to manufacture the state-of-art tyres reduce rolling resistance and improve wet performance. They are second to none for late-model cars and SUVs.

Victra Sport 5 (VS5) 

Made with extensive research and technological know-how, the Flagship Maxxis Victra Sport 5 (VS5) is the best match for a broad range of cars and SUVs. High-performance polyester well complemented with a hybrid twist nylon/aramid cap offers robust highway stability. A hybrid twist nylon/aramid cap ply improves highway stability while also enhancing ride comfort.

M36+ MRS 

Being a perfect replacement tyre fitment for all modern cars and SUVs, Maxxis M36+ MRS provides safe and comfortable rides in the most difficult road conditions, even under zero inflation pressure. Powered with an outer shoulder block design and central tread ribs, M36+ MRS is strong enough to provide excellent high-speed stability, straight-line grip, handling, and cornering.


Being an advanced version of MAP1, a highly successful tyre by Maxxis, MAP3 takes the legacy forward with its advanced construction design that is capable enough to offer excellent stability, traction, and braking performance. Its unique closed-shoulder design is meant to reduce the vibration in the tread area for a comfortable and noiseless ride.


Maxxis has invented advanced noise simulation technology to manufacture a MAP5 tyre which is capable of reducing high-frequency noice and giving you peace of mind when driving at high speed. Moreover, the Maxxis R&D team went to use an optimally-placed steel belt angle to improve its shock absorption capabilities by reducing vertical stiffness, offering a jerk-free ride.

Final Words 

Give an upgrade to your driving experience, by picking the right replacement tyre fitment that matches your car’s specifications with Maxxis. The above 5 best picks will help you boost your car’s handling and stability and give you peace of mind with advanced safety features in dry and wet conditions across all terrains.  

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