Top 5 Marketing Tactics No One Will Tell You

Businesses get $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing campaigns. Have you ever wondered which influencer marketing strategies they employ to get such incredible results in lead generation and sales? Marketers and organizations are learning about successful influencer marketing methods to help them increase the return on their marketing campaigns today. With the rise in popularity of influencer partnerships among businesses, it’s important to understand the best influencer marketing strategies to employ on an influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer.

The best influencer marketing tactics

Read on to know the most effective influencer marketing tactics to employ.

1. Tracking results is the key to long-term success

A unique code is the simplest method to measure the sales generated by an influencer marketing campaign. Simply give the influencer a special promotion code and watch how many purchases are made with the code. Providing influencers with tagged, trackable URLs that they can share with audiences is also an alternative to explore. In addition to monitoring purchases by influencer, a visitor tracking tool can automate the URL construction process. These techniques just keep track of the traffic that is driven to your website by the influencer campaigns and the purchases they generate. You could also be interested in tracking your efforts’ engagement and reach, especially if you’re running a long-term campaign with the goal of increasing brand awareness over time.

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2. Aim for long-term collaborations

You might think that working with multiple influencers in a single campaign is the best way to get the maximum benefits from influencer marketing. That way, you’ll reach a lot more people, right? Well, perhaps. However, this isn’t the most successful technique. Working with an influencer on a regular basis over a lengthy period of time makes a lot more sense. That’s because the audience of each influencer may not respond immediately. Their one-time exposure to your product may not turn them into customers and they’re unlikely to remember you in the long run. However, if prospective buyers are exposed to your products for a long time in a subtle but consistent manner, they will begin to recall your brand. In such a scenario, if they ever decide to purchase a product similar to yours, you can bet they’ll remember your brand name and consider buying from you.

3. Prioritize engagement, not followers

Begin looking for influencers with a large following. However, after that, it’s best to look at the levels of engagement that the influencers draw from their followers. Why? Because it’s simple to create a fictitious following. To begin with, followers may be purchased, and that too for a very low price. Furthermore, simply by following a huge number of individuals, you may quickly create a significant following. The true measure of someone’s influence is the engagement level of their audience. Examine the number of comments and likes that a person’s photos receive on Instagram’s profile picture. Look at the following-to-follower ratio on Twitter. A 1:1 ratio (or close to it) indicates that the majority of their followers came through following others. Look at the number of likes and retweets, as well as how many genuine discussions they’re having on the site. Look at how many people are watching someone’s videos on YouTube, not just how many subscribers they have. All in all, don’t be deceived by large figures. Begin influencer search by identifying people who are related to your company and its niche, and have a large following, then narrow down your selection based on who has the most engaged audience.

4. Focus on relevance

You should get in touch with influencers regarding possibilities that are of relevance to both of your target audiences. Keep in mind that an influencer’s reputation is built on their ability to be discerning about the things they evaluate and suggest. They may alienate their audience and drive away some of them if they talk about things that aren’t a suitable match for them. As a result, it’s logical that they’d be picky about which companies they collaborate with and whose items they endorse. They’ll say no quite clearly if a collaboration with your brand seems like a misfit, and you have to move on by respecting the decision. However, publicity from influencers who aren’t affiliated with your company isn’t going to help you significantly. Even if the match isn’t perfect, you’ll probably be able to locate an influencer who will accept your request to collaborate – maybe for money or for a free gift. Using this route is something you should steer clear of.

5. Build relationships with influencers and their audiences

Building a list of people you’d want to collaborate with and then emailing them straight away is rarely a good idea. Instead, getting on the radar of each influencer – demonstrating that you are aware and care about their business objectives and brand as much as your own – will provide significantly greater outcomes. Quite simply, if you and what you offer are liked by an influencer, they will put in more effort for you. You should also try to understand how the influencers’ respective audiences behave using a behavioral analytics tool like WatchThemLive. By understanding the influencers’ audiences’ behavior, you can collaborate better and deliver content that is catered to their tastes and preferences. In the long run, this would result in the influencers’ audiences liking your brand as well. Ultimately, if you can provide quality through your products and/or services, influencer marketing can open numerous doors of opportunity for your brand. Not only will you be making countless people aware of your brand, but you’ll also increase the chances of adding to your customer base.


So, that’s about it for this article. We hope you learned a thing or two from the list of influencer marketing tactics we shared with you, and we also hope that you employ them for experiencing success.

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